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Thank you for your expertise in creating our ‘Booking System’. We couldn’t do without it!.
Anonymous, Website Owner
Our website needed a reskin and considerable improvements to the user interface. Our existing agency was unable to respond quickly, or give us the one to one focus to drive the business forward. We needed a design company who would listen to our requests, offer informed advice and most importantly come up with good ideas which work, within our time frame and on budget.

Brian has all these attributes and as a result of his development over the last 2 years we have seen significant growth in sales coupled with a very significant fall in abandonment rates and customers calling for help placing their orders.

Brian’s ability to ‘think outside the box’ has helped our business exceed growth targets. He is ideally suited for SMB’s needing design focus and support who do not have limitless budgets but want intelligent creativity delivered on time without the frustration of endless reproofing because the brief was not correctly drafted.

I would be happy to recommend his services.

Anonymous, Company Director
From a company perspective we have to say Brian was brilliant. Our old website was deemed to be a bit dated and unprofessional. In our first meeting with Brian we discussed how we wanted the website to change, going for a more professional, welcoming and eye catching look, whilst being easy to use for our customers.

In response, Brian went away and in a very quick time frame had produced a very impressive template for the website which was exactly to our specification. Whilst carrying out the work we were always updated with where Brian was at, and a link to show us visually. As progress was made the website quickly became exactly what we were looking for, a design that represented the company, eye catching photos and layout with a professional look.

Since the website has been running it has been a huge success, highlighting the effectiveness and the simplicity of use for the customer. As a company Waterside Tours highly recommends Brian Barnes as a professional, intuitive and efficient web designer.

Jackie Withey, Director Waterside Tours
I found BMB Web Design through BUY DORSET so as to keep business local. I liked the freshness of the work on their website and I needed someone to design for me so I could concentrate on my business. They came up with several great ideas, and it was a very easy process to tweak it until the final finished design. BMB Web Design make updates and changes for me very promptly and have been great when I have had technical issues. Very highly recommended!
Dianna Jazwinski Physio@Work

Currently most of the comments relate to a project I created for members of the Long Way Down website. Long Way Down was the name for Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s motorbike trip from John O’Groats, Scotland to Cape Agulhas, South Africa.

Members paid for access to exclusive photo and video content from the trip preparation and the trip itself. However, the official site was not particularly user-friendly when it came to viewing this exclusive content. So I built an alternative “front-end” that allowed members to search, browse, sort into order by date, caption etc. I also geo-coded each photo and video to create an interactive Google map of the whole route.

Now that’s something I’d pay money for!

Thanks so much bmbwd for the effort you’ve made. I think … site is fantastic – it is as though you carefully read every “constructive comment” we’ve been making for months and produced a perfect result.

Muzz LWD Member

As Charley might say Brian, “flipping hell that’s flipping brilliant, I mean it’s, you know, flipping awesome really that someone would do something like that, just really flipping great that they would do that for no reason except to help people, you know. Flipping brilliant, really.”

Muzz LWD Member

I actually got off my backside and made a donation to UNICEF today after browsing through your site, so thanks also for that!

Muzz LWD Member

this is SOOOOO fabulous!!!!!!!

Ruth McCain LWD Member

WOW, great stuff, far better than the main LWD site

Dave_B LWD Member

flipping hell, flipping brilliant, Brian!

Johnny Dakar LWD Member

Brilliant BMBWD! Just brilliant! Thanks so much.

Julie B LWD Member

that’s absolutely awesome

bestofewan LWD Member

OMG this is brilliant!

letters4pattyd LWD Member

What does bmbwd stand for, apart from Bloody Marvelous Bit of Web Design?

Natster LWD Member

Finally a site that can be USED easily!!!

letters4pattyd LWD Member